Vedic Research

The Vedic tradition is called "Sanatana Dharma", an ancient tradition that unfolds the vision of truth. Vedanta, the 'anta' end of 'veda', is the last portion of each of the Vedas. 'Veda means knowledge so, Vedanta means the ultimate knowledge; the culmination of knowledge. Vedanta gives you knowledge of the world and the individual. It is a technique for achieving the right interaction with the world.

Vedanta is a science of living. It is the complete manual on Self Management that helps us to reach our full potential. Science tells us that we use 10% of the capacity of our brain at best. Vedanta helps cultivate the balance 90% and access the powerhouse of infinite energy lying dormant within us. It prescribes the technique of right action which ensures success. In any field be it an academia, business, music, art or sport - the winning edge comes from the mind. Master the basics of mind management and the outer manifestations of success follow.

Mr. Nanik Rupani in association with ‘India International Multiversity (IIMV)’ with his farsighted vision established a ‘Vedic Research Centre’. It was inaugurated in May 2001, in order to fulfil the burning need in us to find in the past what can mould our future. An MOU has been signed between Priyadarshni Academy and India International Multiversity (IIMV) to develop and promote Vedic studies for human development through the Centre at the IIMV campus in Pune. Research Scholars of the Vedic Research centre studies in various areas of Indian knowledge system like:

Vedic Mathematics

  • Vedic View of Universe
  • Nature of Mind Nature of Knowledge
  • Vedic Management

Turn back time, and the question remains the same. Mysteries of the mind and matter that fascinate some of the most distinguished minds today are what had obsessed our Rishis centuries ago. And that's what the Vedic Research Centre intends to do. "Delve into ancient texts - the Vedas, the Upanishads - and unravel the gist," explains Dr. Vijay Bhatkar.

Priyadarshni Academy has taken up the mission to study and rediscover the wealth of knowledge from our ancestors and propagate this knowledge for the betterment of the society today.

Thus, through the Vedic Research Centre, the threefold promise propounded by Vedanta:

  • Excellence, Success, Dynamism Externally
  • Peace, Happiness, Tranquillity Internally
  • Growth To Our Full Potential - The exalted state of Self-realisation may be fulfilled in our country