Social Activities

Laughter Therapy

Priyadarshni Academy has promoted the concept and practice of priceless laughter therapy in India and various countries like Britain, U.S.A., Japan and Sweden, etc. The practice of Laughter therapy has helped innumerable people on emotional, mental and physical levels by assisting them to live life more positively. These individuals are members of numerous Laughter Clubs, which have been started under the guidance of the expert's team of ‘Priyadarshni Laughter Club International (P.L.C.I.)’ in India and abroad.

The PLCI experts, including prominent medical practitioners, have comprehensively researched various aspects of positive impacts of the therapy. The publication of this research work, 'Information Guide to Hasyayog' by the Academy has helped create worldwide awareness about Laughter Therapy. The PLCI's presentation of a symposium and a workshop on Laughter Therapy at ‘World Congress for Alternative Medicine’ in Colombo in November 1997 has succeeded in carrying the message far and wide, globally.

Message of Nanik Rupani about Laughter Therapy:

Dear Friends,

We, at Priyadarshni Academy, a sociocultural-educational organization, are pleased to inform you that Priyadarshni Laughter Club International, a division of the Academy, has succeeded in imparting a significant momentum to the Laughing Movement. The movement has resulted in more than one hundred Laughter Clubs in India, several in London and few in the USA. We have plans to start more international branches in different parts of the world very soon.

In ancient India, teaching of Yogic exercises in Gurukuls was widely prevalent and "Hasyayog" was taught as one of the asanas. It was particularly practiced during periods of war, epidemics and natural disasters, as a stress-management measure. Priyadarshni Laughter Club International has put the same concept of Hasyayog into practice in combination with yogic exercises, which has benefited thousands of people.

We have particularly put emphasis on Group Laughter, as it creates a tremendous feeling of fellowship among the participants. Group Laughter generates very subtle but positive and powerful vibrations that affect and envelop the whole group, akin to the vibrations experienced during a prayer session in a temple, mosque or a church.

We shall be grateful to receive your valued opinion and comments on it.

Priyadarshni Academy.

Environment Protection

Priyadarshani Academy has a high-power forum for protection of environment. Under the chairmanship of Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud, former Chief Justice of India, consisting of distinguished personalities the Forum is working on air pollution and a public awareness campaign to involve the citizens in solving serious and multi-dimensional problems of environmental degradation. The Academy has also given its forestation programme a very high priority and a number of tree planting programmes have been taken up in and around Mumbai in collaboration with various schools and social organizations.

The following are the distinguished members of the panel :


  • Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud, Chairman
  • Mr. Gopinath Sarangi
  • Mr. D. M. Sukthankar
  • Mr. P. P. Chhabria)
  • Mr. S. P. Godrej
  • Mr. Adhik Shirodkar
  • Mr. Hafeez Contractor
  • Mr. Sunil Gavaskar
  • Mr. Vasant Saraf
  • Mr. B. N. Makhija

  • Mr. G. S. Dahotre
  • Smt. Vimla Patil
  • Mr. Y. P. Trivedi
  • Mr. M. C. Venkatram
  • Ms. Jaya Bachchan
  • Ms. Devika Bhojwani
  • Ms. Bakul Patel
  • Dr. Vijay Chitnis
  • Dr. Rashmi Mayur

The Panel had its first meeting at ‘Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Mumbai’, on February 2, 1999. It defined and shortlisted the following environmental problems for future action - Prevention of dumping of garbage and debris in the sea, solid waste management, control of traffic pollution and an awareness campaign on the urgency of the protection of the environment to involve all the sections of the society in the process. The forum is a core pressure group for prompt action on the various issues concerning the environment. The meeting followed by a press conference was specially attended and addressed by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Public Works, Maharashtra.

Nutritional & Monetary Aid to Underprivileged

'To build a healthy mind one has to build a healthy body'

This realization has been an inspiration for the academy for extending nutritional food packets to the underprivileged through their institutions. The academy also provides monetary aid to the needy towards health care and has held free Medical camps for the slum dwellers.

It also provided Nutritional aid and basic necessity articles to the earthquake victims at Latur and Osmanabad. Donated twenty-seven telephone booths to the handicapped people in Mumbai.

Promotion of Natural Living

Priyadarshni Academy has organized workshops and lectures by spiritual leaders for personality development, empowerment of an individual and promotion of the concept of natural living. In November 1998, a Meditation and Yoga camp was conducted by Swami Ganesshwaranand at Lonavala, which was aimed at helping people to cope with stress-filled lifestyle by incorporation of Yoga & Meditation in their daily routine.

On January 21, 1999, the Academy in collaboration with ‘Indian Merchants' Chamber’ organized a talk by BrahmaKumari B. K. Jayanti on 'Leadership for the 21st Century ' at IMC Chambers.

A Brief Memorandum of the Lecture with Mr. Suhas Gopinath

Priyadarshni Academy Organises Lecture by Mr. Suhas Gopinath, ‘World’s Youngest Entrepreneur’

“Mr. Nanik Rupani, Chairman, Priyadarshni Academy, stated that there are ample opportunities for entrepreneurs during economic recession”. He was delivering the welcome address on the occasion of the Lecture on the subject “Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Today’s Global Meltdown and Corporate Social Responsibility”. The lecture was organized by Priyadarshni Academy in association with K. C. College in Mumbai on February 6, 2009

Mr. Suhas Gopinath, C.E.O and President, Globals Inc. was the keynote speaker. Mr. Gopinath has been acclaimed as the Youngest Entrepreneur of the world. He was recognized as the youngest Certified Professional Web-Developer through his project ‘’ at the tender age of 14. On this day he spoke about his life from early childhood and gave an account of his phenomenal growth to success at such a young age.

Mr. Jignesh Shah, Chairman & Group CEO, Financial Technologies Group was the Chief Guest Mr. Shah is also an accomplished entrepreneur and has been known as the “Creator of Modern Financial Markets” for building world-class financial institutions. In 2003, Mr. Shah founded the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) to create ‘Markets for the Masses’. Mr. Shah is the recipient of the ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award for Business Transformation’. He has also been chosen as the ‘Young Global Leader’ by the ‘World Economic Forum’.

The lecture was followed by a brief question-answer session.  The program was attended by leading personalities of Mumbai City including students from different colleges.