About Us

Priyadarshni Academy was set up in the year 1985. It is a non-profit, socio-cultural and educational organisation which was established by Founder Chairman and now Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Nanik Rupani with the association of a group of people like Mr. Murli Adnani, Prof Popati Hiranandani, Mr. Jamnadas Lalwani, Ms. Kaushi Mirpuri, Mr. Ramakrishnan Advani, Mr. Chander Manghnani, Mr. Madhav Balwani and Ms. Anila Sunder.

Priyadarshni Academy completed 32 years of its endeavor on September 19, 2017. The academy functions with the aim of ‘Rendering Service To Humanity’. Mr. Nanik Rupani believes that ‘Service To Mankind Is The Best Work Of Life’ and it is our duty to pay back to the society.

The Academy has successfully met its goals consistently since its inception. We are happy that we have been able to provide educational assistance to deserving and needy students. The Academy provides opportunities to talented artists in the fields of classical music, dance, painting, and sculpture to help them get the recognition by organizing shows. It also promotes awareness programmes on Vedic Research amongst others.

The Global Awards Function of Priyadarshni Academy is a very significant and cultural event which aims to put India on the cultural map of the world as it honours outstanding work of national and global dignitaries.

The Academy is setting new goals towards social causes with each passing year. Priyadarshini Academy stands on a belief that ‘It Is All About Teamwork And Voluntary Efforts’.  Hence the academy invites all conscientious citizens to join hands in order to serve the society in different ways from the platform of Priyadarshni Academy.

Objectives of the Academy

  • To promote national integration and brotherhood.
  • To provide educational assistance for the needy and less privileged sections.
  • To encourage literature.
  • To inculcate a spirit of Public Service among citizens.
  • To extend recognition (Awards) towards outstanding individuals who have shown excellence in their fields of work.
  • To award Scholarships to deserving and qualified people.
  • To promote International Cultural Exchange.
  • To promote young & talented artistes in Indian Classical Music & Dance forms.