Priyadarshni Academy announces 26th. Anniversary Literary Awards of Rs. 25,000/- each, for work in

Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati & Sindhi Languages

Mr. Nanik Rupani, Chairman, Priyadarshni Academy, has announced its 26th Anniversary Literary Awards to four prominent writers in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Sindhi languages to be presented at a special function on June 25, 2010 at the Walchand Hirachand Hall of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber, Mumbai.

Shri J. P. Dange, Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra, will be the Chief Guest.

The Literary Awards Committee of Priyadarshni Academy consists of Mr. Vishwanath Sachdev, Mr. Ramdas Phutane, Mr. Murli Adnani and Dr. Mohan Patel representing Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Sindhi languages respectively. The Awards consist of a trophy and Rs.25,000/- each.

The four recipients of the Awards for the year 2010 are as follows:

Shri Kisharam Lekhraj Rupani Memorial Hindi Award

... will be conferred on Mr. Udbhrant for his contribution to Hindi literature. He is well known Hindi poet and writer. Till today more than 60 books have been published. He is recipient of a number of awards at the State and National level. By profession he was Senior Director in Doordarshan. The award will be given on the poet’s latest epic ‘Treta’ which is based on the women characters of Ramkatha.

Geeta Israni Memorial Marathi Award

... will be conferred on Mrs. Monika Gajendragadkar. She has been writing for leading Marathi Newspapers like Loksatta, Lokprabha, Maharashtra Times and Sakal. In 1992, she joined Mauj Prakashan as Assistant Editor, was promoted as Chief Editor in 2008. She is a writer of short stories. ‘Art’ and ‘Bhoop’ are two collections of her short stories.

Prof. Ram Panjwani Memorial Sindhi Award

... will be conferred on Mrs. Kala Moti Prakash for her overall contribution to Sindhi literature. She has written several novels stories and articles. She has several achievements in Sindhi literature and is a winner of the Central Sahitya Academy Award.

Priyadarshni Academy Gujarati Award

... will be conferred on Dr. Dhiruben Patel who is one of the most respected senior writers in Gujarati today. Her composure is enviable. She has published five collections of short stories, a great deal of children’s literature, works of humour, scripts for radio and TV serials, translations and plays, one of which Bhavni Bhavai, was originally written for the film by the same title. She had won awards for the dialogues and songs in it. She got many awards for her work in Gujarati Literary world.

Priyadarshni Academy will also present over a hundred scholarships to deserving and needy students including the disadvantaged from the field of Engineering, IT, Medical, Education, Architecture, etc. These will also be given at the 26th Anniversary Literary Awards & Scholarships Function. The selection was made by the Scholarship Committee as per the eligibility criteria laid down by the Academy.