Financial Assistance 1996-1998

13th July 2006

Financial Assistance of Rs.2,000 was given to Ms. Poonam Soni who is financially poor and having a mentally retarded daughter.

12th June 2006

Priyadarshni Academy extended its support to Inner Wheel District Committee-India (No.314) by releasing full page advertisement in the Souvenir for Rs.2,000.

29th May 2006

Priyadarshni Academy gave financial assistance of Rs.5,000 to Mr. Dinesh Verma who is physically disabled, for repair works at his house.

4th April 2006

Priyadarshni Academy extended financial support of Rs. 2,000 to Navyuvak Parishad for its Valuable Offerings in Children’s Education (VOICE) project.

2nd March 2006

Priyadarshni Academy provided Financial Assistance to Mr. Anand Sanzgiri who is practicing Civil/Criminal Advocate and suffering from Abdominal Cancer, Paralysis and Brain Disorder. The Academy extended support of Rs.2,000 to meet his Medical Expenses.

20th February 2006

The Sindhi Intercollegiate Competition for Dance and Food Festival organised by K. C. College on 31 st January 2006 at Rama Watulmull Auditorium was sponsored by Priyadarshni Academy . The Academy gave Rs. 30,000/- towards the sponsorship.

3rd January 2006

The Academy Contributed Rs. 10,000 towards restructuring of Women’s Development Cell at Jai Hind College which was inaugurated on 26 th November 2005.

26th December 2005

Mr. Daulat Jiandani, a retired Business and Insurance Executive from Phillipines who is bed ridden due to ill health and has no source of income received US $ 221 (Equivalent to Rs.10,000) as financial assistance from the Academy.

29th November 2005

Priyadarshni Academy sponsored Rs. 25,000 for the National Conference on “Fresh Perspectives on Partition Narratives organised by Jai Hind College on November 25, 2005.

1st October 2005

Priyadarshni Academy gave Educational loan of Rs.15,000 to Mr. Aakesh Bongade, a student of VJTI, doing his course in Textile Technology during the “Bhajan Sandhya Programme by Mrs. Tabassum and Party” on October 01, 2005.

30th September 2005

Mrs. Vimla T Assudani received financial support of Rs. 500/- from Priyadarshni Academy to meet her immediate financial requirement as her husband is handicap and son is mentally retarded.

1st September 2005

Priyadarshni Academy gave financial Assistance to 287 students who were affected by the floods on July 26, 2005 in Mumbai. Financial assistance ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 to each student and totaling a sum of Rs.2,05,500 was disbursed on the occasion.

29th June 2005

The Academy gave Educational Assistance of Rs.5,000/- to Mr. Manohar S. Jha, a student of Sathaye College studying in F. Y. B.Com for payment of his tuition fees.

18th May 2005

Ms. Bhivarbai Lashkare got Financial Assistance of Rs.5000/- from the Academy to meet her medical expenses, who was undergoing treatment at J.J. Hospital.

5th January 2005

The Academy sponsored Rs.1,00,000/- towards an Exhibition cum Competition organised by Nehru Science Centre & Lalit Media & Education Ltd. as part of Anveshan (Children’s Feast from December 19 th to 22 nd 2004).

27th December 2004

Priyadarshni Academy sponsored Rs. 25,155, for the “Sindhi Intercollegiate” Competition held on 15 th December 2004 at the Rama Watumal Auditorium of K. C. College.

10th November 2004

Priyadarshni Academy contributed Rs. 1,01,000/- to Katha Arts towards Oscar Mission of the Marathi Movie “Shwaas”

5th October 2004

Priyadarshni Academy extended sponsorship of Rs. 12,000/- for Hindi Drama “ Jis Lahore Nahin Dekha” organised by Naseoh.

27th October 2004

Master Shyam Durgani received Rs. 5,000/- from Priyadarshni Academy for treatment of Osteosarcoma of left leg at S. L. Raheja Hospital, Mumbai.