Financial Assistance 2000-2002

23rd July 2002

Priyadarshni Academy sent Rs. 1 lakh to Vedic Research Centre through the generosity of Mr. Nari Sawlani from Dubai, who was impressed by the Vedic Research Studies undertaken by the Centre.

21st May 2002

Rs. 50,000/- was disbursed by the Academy towards the welfare of tribal children, a project of the information Technology Institute for the tribes of the hilly regions of India.

3rd May 2002

Priyadarshni Academy supported Ms. Padma Tatupudy with Rs. 3,500/- for her Kuchipudi performance at the NCPA.

23rd April 2002

For the impressive work in Vedic Research, undertaken by the Academy in association with the India International Multiversity at Pune, Mr. Ravi Raheja, Director - K. Raheja Corporation, handed over Rs. 5.00 lakhs to the Academy, which was sent to the Vedic Research Centre.

23rd April 2002

The Hashu Advani Memorial Foundation received Rs. 10,000/- from the Academy towards the publishing of a book.

31st January 2002

The Vedic Research project by the India International Multiversity in association with the Priyadarshni Academy received a futher assistance of Rs. 2,50,000/-

10th January 2002

Rs. 2500/- from the Academy supported the payment of medical bills of Master Ajinkya Bhosale.

22nd December 2001

The Jiwatram Manghnani Scholarship of Rs. 5,000/- each was presented to two deserving students Pramila Warang and Kiran Kamath of the Fine Arts Society, Chembur to enable them to pursue classical music as a career.

21st December 2001

The fine arts organisation 'Nupur Zankar' was the beneficiary of an amount of Rs. 10,000/- to help assist in their cultural programme expenses.

16th October 2001

Shri Vishal Kotian who scored 95% in the H.S.C. Board in the P.C.M. combination was awarded Rs. 5000/- in two installments. He received the allocated further assistance of Rs. 2500/- by the Academy to enable him to continue his engineering studies at the D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering.

13th October 2001

Educational scholarships amounting to Rs. 1.5 lakh were awarded to 15 deserving, needy and meritorious students by the Academy at the Nehru centre, Mumbai, during the Priyadarshni Academy National Integration through Dance and Music programme.

13th October 2001

Rs. 2,50,000/- was disbursed as the continuing support to the India International Multiversity, Pune, with which Priyadarshni Academy is associated in the project of Vedic Research towards the sourcing, study and application of Vedic thought in modern times.

20th September 2001

Mr. Vinod Lohima, ace rifle shooter, who twice won the Gold in the Junior Nationals besides two silvers and one bronze in the same year is single-minded in his chosen pursuit. While others may compete with equipment that could be worth Rs. 72,000/-, Lohima competed with equipment that was far less which was a major handicap. Yet his confidence and skill with his equipment was the key to his success. As a mark of encouragement the Academy supported him with Rs. 2500/- towards purchase of international quality weapons for participation in International matches.

6th August 2001

The Raghuvamshi Charitable Trust received Rs. 9000/- from the Academy for the rebuilding of quake stricken houses in Gujarat.

20th July 2001

The daughter of Mr. Godrej K. Mistry underwent a lot of complications during child-birth. Sanaya Mistry born premature was in an incubator for nearly two months was later declared a spastic and cerebral palsy child with delayed mortar development. The Academy offered a token support of Rs. 900/- towards medical and educational expenses.

19th June 2001

The N.H. Hospital & Research Centre received Rs. 2500/- from the Academy to support expenses of eight year old Pooja L. Sabbani who was to undergo open heart surgery.

11th June 2001

Rs. 51,000/- was disbursed to the Janata Janardhan Parishad by the Academy towards the Gujarat Earthquake relief fund.

4th June 2001

Rs. 1000/- was received by Maharaj Manohar Sharma towards his medical expenses from the Academy.

8th May 2001

The Academy supported Ms. Draupadi Rohera for her book cum research project on migration of Sindhi across the world with Rs. 7500/-

2nd April 2001

An amount of Rs. 2,50,000/- was disbursed by the Academy to the India International Multiversity at Pune for the on-going joint research project in Vedic Research Centre.

8th March 2001

The Jyoti Kala Mandir received Rs. 2000/- from the Academy as part sponsorship of a Sindhi drama presented by them.

7th March 2001

Priyadarshni Academy supported the annual mela of the Jawahar Bal Bhavan for the entertainment of street children, with an amount of Rs. 20,000/.

16th February 2001

An amount of Rs. 500/- was granted to Shri Madhukar Goswami towards the publishing expenses of a book of devotional songs in Sindhi written by his Guru Shri Asudaramji. 27th February 2001 : Rs. 10,000/- was handed over to Sanjay Hiranandani who is handicapped towards participation in the special Olympics in the U.S.A.

20th - 25th January 2001

The Academy extended sponsorship support of Rs. 20,000/- towards the annual creative workshop for the street children hosted by the Jawahar Bal Bhavan. About 200 children, drawn from fifteen institutions working for the cause of the socially disadvantaged, had the opportunity to express and explore their creative talents in as varied fields as drawing, craft, sculpture, story-telling and debate, music, dance and drama conducted by Bal Bhavan professionals. The five-day camp concluded with a Valedictory function where the children received certificates from actor Rahul Roy and Shri Nanik Rupani, Chairman, Priyadarshni Academy. The Academy was also represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Charu Singh.

28th December 2000

Shri Jaggumal Dayaram Chhugani from Nagpur who had to undergo surgery for Aortic valve transplant at the Jaslok hospital, received an assistance of Rs. 2500/- from the Academy towards his surgery expenses. 29th December 2000 : Shri Vishal Kotian who scored 95% in the H.S.C. Board in the P.C.M. combination received a timely and deserved assistance of Rs. 5000/- by the Academy given in two installments of Rs. 2500/-, each to enable him to pursue his engineering studies at the D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering.

30th November 2000

Abhishek Dhiren Sampat was supported financially by the Academy enabling him to participate in the International Open Jr. Karate-Do Championship held at Nagano, Japan, under the able guidance of Shihan Vispay Kapadia - Principal, All India Gojukai Karate-Do. The event held from November 2000 had 40 contestants from nineteen countries across the world. Three medals were awarded in various categories. Abhishek was among the eleven awarded for 'Outstanding Overall Performance' in his age group of under 12 years.

29th November 2000

The Academy disbursed an amount of Rs. 5000/- to Mr. Naresh Khilnani towards medical expenses of his wife Mrs. Soni Khilnani who had to undertake a Bone marrow transplantation while in the first stage of Blood Cancer.

9th October 2000

The Diwali Mela of Mumbai Police celebrated at the Naigaum Head-quarters every year for the Police officers and their families received added support by Priyadarshni Academy with a donation of Rs. 10,000/-. The Mumbai Police graciously acknowledged this support with the display of the banner of the Academy.