Cultural Activities 1998-2000

Joining Hands With People In a Spirit of Friendship, Solidarity and Goodwill

26th October, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy and Indian Merchants’ Chamber organized a Talk by Brahma Kumari B. K. Jayanti on ‘Leadership for the 21st Century’ at IMC Chambers, Mumbai. Mr. Pradeep B. Chinai, President, IMC gave the opening remark which was followed by an introduction by Mr. Nanik Rupani. Welcoming B. K. Jayanti, Mr. Rupani said that it was a great privilege to have such a great orator, spiritual teacher and thinker amongst us, to enlighten the gathering with her inspired talk. He also informed the gathering that B. K. Jayanti was also a very able administrator, assisting the overall co-ordination of the activities of Brahma Kumari’s Centres in over 70 countries of the world.

Opening her talk, Jayantiji said that a leader of the 21st Century has to have humanity, vision, values and victory. Spirituality cannot be separated from the rest of the life, and political and business leadership have a great responsibility towards the society. Elaborating on the qualities of a leader, she said that the vision of a leader for the 21st

The Academy organized a talk by Brahma Kumari B. K. Jayanti in collaboration with the IMC on "Leadership for the 21st Century" at IMC Chambers. (L-R) - Mr. Nanik Rupani, Brahma Kumari B. K. Jayanti & Mr. Pradeep Chinai, President, IMC.

Century should be truth, love, justice and peace. The Motto of "I & I alone" has failed completely. It has to be us - the principle of co-operation where we overlook the narrow boundaries of nations, religions and treat the entire humanity as one. She also said that people are looking for a world of values and a leader has to embody the value of truth; believe in one family of humanity. She emphasized on the power of positivity and going back to the state of goodness and purity, which is the natural state of all human beings, buried under layers of ignorance and lack of awareness. She said that the mantra of the millennium should be "when I change, the world changes". Finally, Brahma Kumari B. K. Jayanti emphasized upon victory, i.e., success within one’s self, inner development and existing constantly in a peaceful state.

The inspired talk, by Brahma Kumari B. K. Jayanti, had a deep impact on people present . The session was concluded with a vote of thanks rendered by Mrs Irma Chinai.

September 20, 1999

Mr. Nanik Rupani was the Guest of Honour for an interactive discussion on the techniques of Japanese Management organised by Kaizen Institute of India and Indian Education Society’s Management College & Research Centre at Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai.

Mr. Masaaki Imai, Chairman of the Kaizen Institute, Dr. S. Gondhalekar, Chief Executive of the Kaizen Institute of India, Mr. Sudhir Nirgudkar, were amongst the dignitaries present. The gathering was welcomed by Mr. Mr.kar Kulkarni. Faculty views were shared by Mr. Ram Ganesh of CITIL and Mr. Amrut Rath of TELCO.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Nanik Rupani said that as we are entering the new millennium shortly, the competitiveness in all fields is increasing. The technologies are getting regularly updated and as the world becomes a global village, it is the survival of the fittest in today’s world.

Mr. Rupani further shared his views on the most appropriate management methods to be applied in the present scenario to achieve success. He said that he has always strongly advocated and followed the Japanese principles of 6 Steps - Dream, Think, Plan, Organize, Implement and Supervise. He emphasized upon the importance team building and expressed great appreciation to the Kaizen Institute and Indian Education Societies Management College and Research Centre for their efforts to create awareness about the technologies of Japanese Management. Mr. Masaaki Imai, also shared his views on this occasion.

September 2, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy sent its group of bhajan artists to the "Mr. Krishna Janmotsav" Programme organised by Mr. Krishna Gyan Mandir in their premises at Wadala, Mumbai. The group consisted of Mr. P. S. Krishnamurthy, Mr. Debangshu Chakraborty, Mr. Rajesh David and Mr. Jayant Niralkar. These artists presented beautiful and melodious Krishna bhajans to a gathering of about 2000 devotees. The artists had come through the process of Academy’s project "National Integration Through Dances & Music", which aims to promote talented young artists. Their enthralling recital of Bhajans contributed to the beautiful ambience of colour gaiety and devotion in the celebrations of the auspicious festival of Janmastami. The other prominent artists who also presented bhajans and kirtans on this occasion were : Mr. Ramesh Kavishwar, Mr. Mahendra Jagriya, Pt. Mahadev Mishra and Pt. Daliliji.

August 12, 1999

(C.L.E.A.N. - Air) Citizens’ Leadership for Environmental Action and Networking organised a meeting with Mr. V. M. Lal, Transport Commissioner, Maharashtra, on "Vehicular Pollution" at Indian Merchants’ Chamber, Committee Room. The meeting was co-convened by Ms. Charu Singh and Ms. Zinnia M. Khajotia of Clean Mumbai Foundation and was jointly organised by C.L.E.A.N. - Air Movement, Indian Merchants’ Chamber, Bombay First, W.I.A.A., Indian Environmental Association and Bombay Management Association. The meeting was an interactive discussion between Mr. Lal and Representatives of various NGOs working on Vehicular Pollution and the citizens of Mumbai who participated in it.

Mr. Lal elaborated upon the various problems which result in traffic pollution, and shared his opinions and plans to curb this pollution. The participants conveyed their anxiety about the worsening situation of traffic pollution in Mumbai and asked Mr. Lal various pertinent questions in this regard. The meeting resulted in a meaningful dialogue between the Transport Commissioner, the NGOs and people of Mumbai which aimed to find workable solutions to this difficult problem, wherein the NGOs can also co-operate with the Transport Department and play a useful role in helping to solve the related problems.

July 12th & 14th, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy held meetings with Classical Dancers and Musicians on 12th and 14th July, at the Indian Merchants’ Chamber and at the Board Room of Enkay Telecommunications (India) Ltd., Worli, respectively. These artists had approached the Academy regarding its project "National Integration Through Dances and Music". The meetings were held with the aim of having an interactive communication with the artists. Mr. Nanik Rupani briefed the artists about the objectives of the project which were detailed by Ms. Charu Singh, followed by a meaningful discussion between the artists and the Academy on the relevance and importance of promoting and preserving Indian Classical Dance and Music forms in the present social environment which tilts towards western culture. These meetings were an opportunity for the artists to know of the Academy’s endeavours to promote classical arts. Mr. Rupani and members of the Academy were happy to meet young artists who are pursuing classical music and dance forms with single-minded ardent devotion and contributing to preserving our culture.

June 26, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy undertook a project of promoting talented young artists in the field of Indian Classical Music and Dance conceptualized as "National Integration Through Dances & Music". The project will feature a series of concerts presenting recitals by outstanding and upcoming Classical Musicians and Dancers covering the entire range and depth of our classical arts.

The first concert of the series presenting recitals in Kathak, Kuchipudi and Bharatha Natyam dance forms by Ms. Ranjana Phadke, Ms. Padma Tatapudy and Ms. Nandini Krishna, respectively, was held in collaboration with Jai Hind College, at the Jai Hind Auditorium. Dr. V. Subramanian, President, Mr. Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeeta Sabha, was the Guest of Honour on this occasion. It was an evening which combined elegance and beauty, ably presented by the poised compering of Ms. Kamal Jadhav. It was a memorable and joyous experience for the audience to witness the renderings of all the three dance forms by the talented artists. The recitals received a great response and were deeply appreciated by the media, connoisseurs, and general public alike.

In his address, Dr. V. Subramanian appreciated the programme and congratulated Priyadarshni Academy and Mr. Nanik Rupani for this commendable endeavour.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Rupani said that promoting young and talented artists had always been one of the Academy’s important goals. He thanked Dr. Subramanian and Mr. Nanik Shivdasani, Principal of Jai Hind College for their support for the endeavour. Mr. Shivdasani also addressed the gathering on this occasion. The programme was conceptualized by Ms. Charu Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Priyadarshni Academy. In her address, she emphasized upon the need to bring Indian Culture and Fine Arts in the mainstream of our society and especially to inculcate the awareness and appreciation of the same in our young generation.

Spelt Out Plan for Solid Waste Management for a Mass Movement

- Collect the wet waste i.e. kitchen waste & dry waste: metal, glass, paper & plastic separately in 2bins.

- Segregation has to be done in each household. The wet waste i.e. fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., can become profitable soil conditioner through vermi processing. The dry waste i.e. metal, glass, paper, plastic, etc., will go in the city’s recycling network

- BMC has to provide separate bins for wet and dry waste in each locality.

- The citizens have to form a committee in each building, then the locality. The Academy’s Environment Protection Forum shall send its representatives to address these groups and spell out the plan. The local committee has to supervise the segregation process on a daily basis.

- The committee has to train the building’s sweeper and co-ordinate with the concerned local Ward Officer of the BMC, to ensure that segregated garbage is picked up by the BMC in that form at regular intervals.

- The Academy’s Environment Protection Forum will provide total guidance in planning and execution of the project. As the main supervisory body, it will provide complete organisational support and assist in co-ordinating with BMC & other government bodies.

June 14 & 16, 1999

Priyadarshni held two meetings with environmentally conscious and aware citizens of Mumbai who had approached the Academy to participate in its endeavours to start a public movement on solid waste management and awareness campaign on civic habits. These citizens represented all segments of society and shared one common goal; strongly wishing to contribute in improving the environment of their city. The meetings were held at the Board Room of Enkay Telecommunications (India) Limited in Worli, Mumbai.

Mr. Nanik Rupani informed the meeting of the main objectives of the Forum. Ms. Charu Singh detailed the plan for solid waste management and the awareness campaign for improving civic habits. Thereafter, the citizens contributed their opinions and perceptions on these issues and expressed keenness to participate in the Forum’s efforts. The twin meetings were very successful as they started the process of mobilizing like-minded environmentally conscious people of Mumbai, to form a team to start work in different localities of the city, backed by the strong organisational support planning and guidance by Priyadarshni Academy’s Forum for Environment Protection.

June 3, 1999

Mr. Nanik Rupani attended the prize distribution function of Inter-Club & Inter-Office League Table Tennis Tournament which was organised by Mumbai City District Table Tennis Association, under the Presidentship of Mr. Adhik Shirodkar, at the Central Y.M.C.A., Colaba, Mumbai.

Mr. Adhik Shirodkar, Mr. Nanik Rupani and other dignitaries addressed the gathering. Mr. Rupani and Mr. Shirodkar gave away prizes and trophies to the winners and congratulated and encouraged them for excelling in their chosen sport. Mr. Rupani also congratulated the Mumbai City District Table Tennis Association and Mr. Adhik Shirodkar for their efforts to promote participation in sports by our young generation.

June 1, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy and Indian Merchants’ Chamber jointly organised a presentation by Mr. Hafeez Contractor, a well-known Architect, of his proposed project for Mumbai called "Western Waterfront Re-development Plan" at the IMC Committee Room. Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Public Works, Maharashtra was the Chief Guest on this occasion, which was attended by members of Academy’s Environment Protection Forum, as well as other prominent and distinguished citizens of Mumbai. The Session started with welcome addresses by Mr. Pradeep B. Chinai, President, IMC, Mr. Nanik Rupani and Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud, Chairman, Priyadarshni Academy Forum for Protection of Environment. The gathering was further addressed by Mr. Hafeez Contractor, Architect, Dr. Vijay Chitnis, Dean & Head of the Department, Faculty of Law, Mumbai University, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, and Mr. Adhik Shirodkar, well-known Advocate and Member of Parliament. Dr. Chitnis and Mr. Shirodkar are members of the Academy’s Forum for Protection of Environment.

Mr. Hafeez Contractor made an impressive visual presentation of his plan which is aimed to provide an enhanced environment to Mumbai by providing substantial additional green space, and 3 lakh trees in the form of large forested areas, along the sea coast. Mr. Gadkari expressed support for efforts which are meant to create a healthier environment in Mumbai city and appreciated the presentation. Mr. Rupani expressed full support for the spirit behind Mr. Contractor’s plan. The Academy successfully fulfilled its aim of creating increased awareness about such a project for Mumbai city, as it was well attended by Press and Visual Media Representatives and was widely covered by prominent newspapers and TV Channels.

May 22, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy and Akshar Chalval organised an evening for Marathi poetesses called "Navya Shatkachya Umberthyawar" at Vanmali Hall, Dadar. The evening was presided over by Ms Malika Amar Sheikh. Poetesses like Ms. Cecilia Coelho, Ms. Sunanda Bhosekar, Ms. Nirja, Ms. Anjali Kulkarni and Ms. Malika Amar Sheikh participated in it.

Ms. Chhaya Korgaonkar’s poetry collection called "Aakant Priya Majha" was released on this occasion at the hands of Ms. Sheikh. Ms. Pushpa Rajapure shared her views on the contribution of the poetesses in Marathi literature. The dignitaries present expressed their appreciation for Mr. Arun Mhatre of Akshar Chalval. The session concluded with the presentation of Priyadarshni Academy’s appreciation mementos to the distinguished poetesses. The event was actively supported by Mr. Ramdas Phutane, Chairman, Marathi Literary Awards Committee, Priyadarshni Academy.

May 21, 1999

"Priyadarshni Academy Forum for Protection of Environment " held a meeting with Mr. G. S. Gill, Additional Municipal Commissioner, MCGM, at his office in Mumbai. Mr. B. N. Makhija, represented the Forum. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Nanik Rupani, Ms. Charu Singh and Ms. Shabina Patel, Manager, PR. Mr. Makhija informed Mr. Gill about the aims and projects taken up by the Forum. Mr. Gill who is in charge of environment at MCGM provided details about the steps being taken by the Municipal Corporation for protecting the environment.

Mr. Rupani informed Mr. Gill about the Forum’s efforts to involve other NGOs and public at large in these endeavours. Mr. Gill said that it was possible for the Municipal Corporation to empower certain citizens of Mumbai recommended by NGOs with some of the Corporation’s powers of immediate action against the offenders and to enable them to work in co-ordination with the Corporation’s concerned Ward Officer. The meeting successfully initiated a dialogue between the Forum and the MCGM and prepared ground for future co-operation in the field of environment protection.

May 20, 1999

(C.L.E.A.N. - Air) Citizens’ Leadership for Environmental Action and Networking organised a meeting under the Convenorship of Ms. Charu Singh and Ms. Zinnia M. Khajotia of Clean Mumbai Foundation as a follow-up of the initial meeting at Max Muller Bhawan on 21st April, 1999. Various NGOs, part of the C.L.E.A.N. - Air participated in the meeting. The serious problem of traffic pollution in Mumbai city, various factors contributing to it and how C.L.E.A.N. - Air could contribute in making a positive difference were discussed at length, at the meeting. It was concluded that C.L.E.A.N. - Air should work in co-ordination with R.T.O. and other agencies to support Government’s initiatives to try and ensure more stringent implementation of its checking process of polluting vehicles.

May 12, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy’s Forum for Protection of Environment held a meeting with Mr. K. H. Mehta, Member Secretary, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board at the Board’s office in Mumbai. Mr. B. N. Makhija, Mr. G. S. Dahotre, Mr. Nanik Rupani and Ms. Charu Singh attended the meeting. The meeting with Mr. Mehta was held to discuss the project of cleaning up of Mumbai Coastline and prevention of garbage and debris dumping into the sea and to obtain a wider prospective about the role and responsibility of MPCB towards maintenance of clean and pollution free environment in Mumbai. The meeting was very meaningful as it contained a frank discussion on various aspects of environment. The Forum members expressed their grave concern about the deteriorating level of water and air pollution in and around Mumbai and spelt out the objectives of the Forum. Mr. Mehta informed them of the steps taken by MPCB to control industrial pollution which is affecting the rivers, lakes and especially the sea around Mumbai coastline. The meeting was a significant step in establishing a communication with the concerned authorities in enlisting their co-operation for the environment forum’s endeavours.

May 2, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy organised a unique programme of cultural exchange in collaboration with Nehru Centre. A group of 14 Japanese students from Osaka University of Oriental Studies performed a Hindi Play "KAYA KALP", a social comedy, at Nehru Centre Auditorium under the guidance of Prof. Tomio Mizokami. Mr. Nanik Rupani welcomed the members of the Japanese group and the guests on this occasion. Dr. S. D. Karnik, former Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University, was a special guest for the programme. The programme was also attended by Mr. Yoshio Yamagishi, Consul General of Japan and Mr. S. P. Godrej, prominent industrialist. Mr. Murakami Yuusuke, Mr. Hayashi Shigeyuki, Ms. Miyagawa Aya, Ms. Matoba Nanako, Mr. Okauchi Toshiro, Mr. Matsumoto Daisuke, Mr. Yamagami Kenjiro, Ms. Kasuya Tokiyo and Mr. Ozaki Takeshi were some of the Japanese students who participated in the Play. The Play received great appreciation from the discerning audience as well as critical acclaim from the Media for uniqueness of concept and impressive presentation by the Japanese students. The programme was presented by the well-known Compere, Ms. Tabassum. This goodwill visit of the Japanese students to India, hosted by Priyadarshni Academy was a great opportunity for the Indian and Japanese people for active interaction and cultural exchange.

February 24, 1999

Jawahar Bal Bhavan organised a State Level Children’s Assembly and Bal Mela on their premises. Mr. Nanik Rupani was the Chief Guest on this occasion. The function was also attended by the dignitaries like Dr. Madhu Pant, Director, National Bal Bhavan and Mr. Ramesh Chandra Kanande, Secretary, School Education, Govt. of Maharashtra.

The theme of the Fair was Maharashtra. The three main geographical regions of the State were presented and introduced to the children through different projects. Children from 23 districts of Maharashtra participated in it and interacted with the children of Mumbai who presented their cultural projects. More than 7000 children participated in different activities of the Fair.

Mr. Rupani addressed the gathering on this occasion. He said that promoting education for children was also an important endeavour of Priyadarshni Academy and he expressed his great appreciation for the efforts of Jawahar Bal Bhavan in the educational and overall development projects for children. Mr. Rupani announced that the Academy will sponsor 6 children’s education, who are members of Bal Bhawan, per year.

February 14, 1999

Priyadarshni Laughter Club International organised "Laughter Competition 1999" to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The Competition co-sponsored by Union Bank of India was held at 8.00 a.m., at Priyadarshni Park, Naepean Sea Road, Mumbai. More than 400 people from various Laughter Clubs of Mumbai as also the Laughter Club of Rajkot and about 100 school children participated in it. This was the first Laughter Competition of its kind as it focused on spreading the concept of Laughter Therapy amongst children.

The competition started with the welcome address by Mr. Nanik Rupani followed by a briefing on the medical benefits of this therapy by Dr. Siddhartha Khandwala, Vice Chairman, (PLCI). Thereafter, Mr. Kishore Kuvavala, Chairman, (PLCI) conducted the whole programme. The winners were bestowed with a trophy by Mr. Nanik Rupani and other dignitaries. The trophies were sponsored by Shree Dhootpapeshwar Ayurved Trust. Runners up were also awarded the prizes.

The entire area of the venue resonated with the sound of hearty group laughter. The enthusiastic participation of children in particular lent a lot of joy and gaiety to the Function, which was specially held on Valentine Day to spread the message of Love and Laughter amongst all.

February 2, 1999

Priyadarshni Academy has always held the cause of Environment Protection very close to its heart. The Academy instituted "Priyadarshni Academy Forum for Environment Protection" under the chairmanship of Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud, Former Chief Justice of India. Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, Dr. Rashmi Mayur, Mr. B. N. Makhija, Mr. Hafeez Contractor and Mr. S. P. Godrej are some of the distinguished members of this panel.

The Panel had its first meeting at Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Mumbai, at which the following environmental problems were defined and short-listed for future actions, Prevention of dumping of garbage and debris in the sea, solid waste management, measures to control traffic pollution and spreading awareness about these issues in all sections of the society. The Forum is a core pressure group to ensure prompt Government action to fulfill its commitments towards environment protection.

The meeting was specially attended and addressed by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Public Works, Maharashtra. The meeting of the Forum was followed by a Press Conference to announce the formation of this Advisory Panel. The Press Conference was addressed by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud, Mr. Nanik Rupani, Dr. Rashmi Mayur, Mr. Gopinath Sarangi and other members of the panel.

Addressing the Media, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, expressed his appreciation that such a Forum consisting of various well-known personalities had been instituted by the academy and conveyed his full support for the Forum’s endeavours. Mr. Chandrachud said that the Forum’s main objective is to make people conscious of their obligations to the environment. In his address, Dr. Rashmi Mayur said that it was important for the government to make the information about the pollution in Mumbai city open to the public. Mr. Rupani informed the Media that protection of environment has always been one of the Academy’s important goals and that he was confident that the Forum would be able to contribute very significantly to this cause. He further said that caring for our environment was every citizen’s responsibility and Media has a very important role in spreading awareness and forming public opinion on the issues related to it. The Press Conference was a great success with a significant representation from the Print and Electronic Media.

January 25, 1999

The Tourism Department of Western and Central region organised an Electric Parade to celebrate "India Tourism Day". About 20 floats depicting important monuments and cultural traditions of different States and Union Territories of India participated in the parade which commenced from Nariman Point and culminated at Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai.

Priyadarshni Academy, in collaboration with IndusInd Bank Limited participated in the Parade by putting up a Float which depicted the beauty and glory of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Various wooden blocks depicting religious and cultural traditions of that era adorned the float which also presented a huge, beautifully painted back-drop of the Sindhu river and valley. The highlight of the Float was the cultural Show presented by the Group of the renowned dancer, Ms. Anila Sunder. The group presented songs and dances depicting Sindhu Valley Culture. The Academy aimed to increase awareness about our glorious heritage and culture by participating in India Tourism Day Parade by putting up this float. The same was successfully accomplished, as the beautiful and informative Float was greatly admired and left a mark on the people’s heart.

January 21, 1999

Indian Merchants’ Chamber organised a Talk on "How To Face Challenges Of Life" by Dada Jashan P. Vaswani, Head of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, at IMC, Mumbai. Mr. Pramod Navalkar, Minister for Cultural Affairs, Maharashtra, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest for the function. Mr. Y. P. Trivedi, President of Indian Merchants’ Chamber was also present on this occasion.

The Talk by Dada Vaswani emphasized upon the significance of each individual inculcating spirituality in his inner being even while living a worldly existence, as it will show the right path and the means to a person to face the challenges of life. The address of Dada Vaswani was an enlightening and inspiring experience for the guests present.

Addressing the gathering on this occasion, Mr. Rupani said that Dada Jashan P. Vaswani is a saint whose message of love and brotherhood is relevant to the entire humanity, as imbibing and practicing humanitarian values is the only way we can contribute positively in today’s materialistic world. He further said that Dada Vaswani’s endeavours are extremely valuable to us. They teach and enlighten us as he himself chose a path of service to society rather than to enter Samadhi to have a vision of God.

January 16, 1999

Yoga Vidya Niketan and Brahman Sahayyak Sangh, Dadar, organised an exhibition on the benefits of Yoga and a number of related programmes called "Relevance of Yoga in 21st Century" at Brahman Sahayyak Sangh, Dadar, Mumbai. Mr. Nanik Rupani was the Chief Guest on this occasion, which was presided over by Mr. Sharad Dandekar.

Mr. Rupani inaugurated the exhibition on Yoga which was followed by a live demonstration of Yogic Kriyas, the release of 2 books on Yoga by Mr. Rupani and Mr. Dandekar and distribution of prizes to the essay competition winners. Dr. Pramod Niphadkar, President, Yoga Vidya Niketan was felicitated for his significant contribution in spreading the practice of Yoga, on this occasion.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Rupani emphasized upon the need to make the practice of Yoga and Meditation a part of our daily routine as they inculcate positive thinking in us and help one to manage all the aspects of life calmly and effectively. He further said that the Academy has constantly promoted the cause of environment protection and natural living. He commended Yoga Vidya Niketan’s endeavours under the guidance of Mr. Niphadkar to spread awareness and practice of Yoga and assured them of the Academy’s full support for their future efforts.

January 9, 1999

Mr. Nanik Rupani accepted to be on the panel of Trustees of Malti Vasant Heart Trust, which is chaired by Dr. Nitu V. Mandke, a renowned Cardiovascular Surgeon.. The Trust held a function to lay the foundation stone of its proposed Heart Hospital and Medical Research Centre in Andheri, Mumbai. Mr. Rupani, lent his full support and co-ordination to the successful organisation of the function. Distinguished personalities present on this occasion were Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray, Mr. Manohar Joshi, Mr. Gopinath Munde and Dr. P. C. Alexander. The Function started with lighting of the lamp by these dignitaries, followed by their addresses to the august gathering. A short film detailing the project was screened thereafter.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Rupani expressed appreciation for the Trust’s endeavour to set up one of the biggest super speciality heart hospital, equipped with latest technologies to provide cardiac care to the people of India. He specially commended Dr. Nitu Mandke for initiating and successfully taking forward this project and expressed confidence that the project will be a great success.

January 7, 1999

Mr. Nanik Rupani co-ordinated a Seminar on "Attracting Investment Through NRI Route" which was held by All India Association of Industries (AIAI) at The Roof Top, Hotel Oberoi, Mumbai. The Seminar aimed to bring about a closer interaction between various notable Overseas Indians and the Maharashtra Government. Mr. Gopinath Munde, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Mr. P. Subramaniyam, Chief Secretary, Maharashtra, were the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour, respectively, on this occasion.

On the panel were NRIs like Lord Swaraj Paul, U.K., Mr. George Harilela, Mr. G. B. Mahbubani, Mr. Notan Tolani, and Mr. Lal Hardasani from Hong Kong. Mr. P. P. Hinduja, Geneva, Mr. Ram Buxani and Mr. Gul Hinduja from Dubai, Mr. Shyam Chugh, Singapore, and Mr. Nari Pohani of U.S.A.. The Seminar, which resulted into a meaningful and intense dialogue between the Overseas Indians and the Government, was a great success.

November 29, 1998

A Cardiac Care Centre for Rehabilitation and Stress Management opened by a group of health care professionals, was inaugurated on this day at Hughes Road, Mumbai. Mr. Nanik Rupani accepted to be on the Advisory Board of the Centre which has many distinguished medical professionals as well as a very impressive team of panel doctors. Dr. Mahesh Kapadia, Dr. N. Mandke, Mr. Kumar Shah, Dr. Suren Kothari, are amongst the distinguished personalities on the Advisory Board. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Rupani complimented Dr. Kapadia and other health care professionals for starting this unique comprehensive Cardiac Care and Stress Management Centre. He said that it was a very good concept to provide health care facilities for varied medical problems at one centre and it would be really helpful to the people of Mumbai. Mr. Rupani wished the endeavour all the success, in the times to come.

November 23, 1998

Ms. Bharati Mate, a talented and versatile painter from Pune, held a folk art series of oil paintings - "INDUS - A LIVING TRADITION" at the ‘Art Walk’ Art Gallery, Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai. The Show was unveiled in the presence of Mr. Nanik Rupani, the Chief Guest on this occasion. Ms. Mate’s work brought to life various aspects of the traditions, culture and spirit of the glorious Indus Valley Civilization. Priyadarshni Academy and Mr. Rupani readily supported and rendered encouragement to this significant endeavour.

November 13-15, 1998

Priyadarshni Academy organized a three day meditation camp at Shahani Holiday Home, Lonavala. The camp was conducted by Swami Gangeshwaranand, who was formerly an IAS Officer before taking sanyas. Swamiji has been traveling all over the country regularly to promote the practice of meditation and yoga amongst people.

The three day meditation camp which was attended by citizens of Mumbai consisted of sessions of lectures and demonstrations of various techniques of meditation shown by Swamiji, practice of the same by the participants under his supervision, as well as interactive discussions and yogic kriyas sessions. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Macker and Mr. & Mrs. Chandru Raheja were amongst the notable personalities who attended the workshop. It was also attended by Mr. & Mrs. Nanik Rupani and the staff of the Academy.

The Meditation camp conducted by Swami Gangeshwaranand was a great success as it took people away from their stressfilled daily life, and provided them with a profoundly peaceful and beautiful experience, showing them the importance of incorporating the practice of meditation and yoga in their day-to-day lives. The camp was organized by the Academy to promote the concept of natural living.

November 8, 1998/h3>

Sindhi Social Samaj, an Organization working to provide Educational aid and service to Sindhi Society invited Mr. Nanik Rupani to be the Chief Guest at their Merit Scholarship Awards presentation ceremony held at Dayawanti Tikamdas Hall, Mumbai.

Prizes, trophies and certificates of Merit were distributed to students who had performed outstandingly in S.S.C. / H.S.C. in that year. Sewing Machines were also given to support needy women. As providing educational scholarships and assistance to deserving and needy students is an important endeavour of Priyadarshni Academy, Mr. Rupani was happy to be part of this event espousing a similar cause. Addressing the gathering on this occasion, he praised Sindhi Social Samaj for its laudable objectives and expressed his support for the same.

October 11, 1998

Laughter Club of Hindu Colony affiliated to Priyadarshni Laughter Club International celebrated its 1st Anniversary at a function at Podar College Hall which was organized by Mr. Naresh S. Shah, anchor person of the club. Mr. Nanik Rupani was the Chief Guest for the function which was also attended by various other dignitaries.

Members of the Club presented performances in music and dance to celebrate the occasion. Mr. Nanik Rupani lauded the efforts of Mr. Naresh Shah and members of the Club in promoting the concept and practice of Laughter Therapy and expressed appreciation for the fact that the Club’s membership strength had gone up from 15 to 120 members in its first year alone. Mr. Rupani wished them the best in their future endeavours.